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Parent Feedback

If a parent/carer is unhappy about something or has any concerns about anything to do with the academy, they should communicate this as soon as possible. 

In the first instance parents should discuss any concerns with the class teacher. Most concerns or issues can be addressed informally at this stage. Teachers are available for informal discussions at the end of the academy day or by appointment.

If any issue remains unresolved, parents should arrange an appointment with the Principal.  In most cases, the issue will have been resolved by this stage. However, if parents are still unhappy, they should make a formal complaint in writing.

If all the above stages fail to resolve the issue, parents should make a formal complaint in writing addressed to the chair of the academy council. The academy council is responsible for acknowledging, investigating and responding to such formal complaints about the academy. Further details are available in the academy’s Complaint Procedure available by request from the main office.