Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Day

We offer our students a healthy and hearty breakfast club and an after school club from 3.30pm - 6pm through Holiplay. 

The school day runs from 9am until 3.30pm.

First Week Arrangements for the New Reception Children 2018

Term Starts:  Wednesday 5th September 2018

Wednesday- 8.55am - 12pm

Thursday- 8.55am -12pm

Friday- 8.55am -1pm (Children will stay for lunch before collection at 1pm).

Drop off and Pick Up Arrangements 

Classroom doors open at 8:55am

Please walk your child to their classroom door via the playground.  The side gate will be opened at 8:50.

The gate will be locked at 9:05am and if you arrive after this you will need to drop your child to the office and sign in the late book.

School Finishes at 3:30pm

Please pick up your child from their classroom via the playground.  The side gate will be opened at 3:25.

If you are late to collect your child they will be taken to the office and you can collect them from there.  You will need to sign the late book.  

Driving to School

For the first three days of school you will be able to park outside and take your child to their classroom. Please note that parking is limited so please only park if there is no alternative.

From Monday 10th September, a pick up and drop off procedure will be in place.

AM- You will need to drive to the drop off bay.  A member of staff will collect your child from the car and take them to class.  Then you will need to drive round the turning point before leaving the school. 

PM-  You will need to let us know via an online system that you are going to pick your child up at the bay. The gates are set to open automatically at 3:30pm.  Please do not turn ino the school driveway unitl 3:30pm.

We have five parking spaces at the end of the school.  If you want to park you need permission.

Please click here to view our drop off and pick up policy.