Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Why Choose Oasis Academy Putney

Oasis Academy Putney is exceptional. Our 5 year old leaves school each day full of joy and stories about what he has done that day: facts about the natural world, rhythm and mandarin to name a few topicsJustin, Parent

We are an all-inclusive academy based in the Putney area of Wandsworth, right next to Putney Lower Common.

We are dedicated to helping our young people reach their potential from the moment they join us to the day they leave in year 6.

In particular, we like that the Oasis team upholds kindness and compassion as well as academic success. Our son is friends with children across the school years. The older children are always eloquent, confident and kind in conversation in the playground at drop off/pick up. The teaching staff are extremely dedicated and know each child remarkably well, really getting the best out of themIsabella, Parent

We are an academy, with specialist teaching staff, including PE, drama, and music, all working as a strong network of educators to provide an engaging, enriching curriculum at all levels of age and ability.

We are an Ofsted-rated 'Good' academy with several 'Outstanding' features, and strongly believe that the relationships our pupils have with their teachers are a key part of this.


We are one family with one shared goal – to achieve, succeed and thrive together.

We care about all subjects here at Oasis Academy Putney, including the arts and sports. Our academy is fully equipped for a wide range of activities, including two playgrounds.

I love my school because we have outdoor learning, and the teachers are so kind. I like that they make me think of new things. The food is delicious.Max, Pupil

To support our teachers, we have state-of-the-art facilities set up in every classroom and breakout learning spaces.

Our lessons are interactive, so classrooms are well stocked with items for imaginative play, touchscreen whiteboards, reading nooks, and learning tablets – not to mention our nature-oriented outdoor learning space and balconies connecting each classroom to nature and our outdoor learning space.

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My experience of the teaching staff that my children have had has been brilliant. They've had caring teachers who have not only cared by their education, but about their emotional well-being as well, which in the time that we've had recently has been critical. And then, it's the space. I think it's absolutely stunning. The building is beautiful. The location is amazing. It's such a privilege to learn in inner city school, but on a common.” Joanna, Parent