Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Putney, personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an embedded part of our balanced and broad curriculum. We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society. British values are interwoven into our school ethos and help to support pupils to become responsible and healthy members of society as well as helping to prepare them for the responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of the wider world.

Statement of Intent

The intent of our PSHE curriculum is to provide a curriculum which will allow pupils to ‘Learn, Grow and Achieve’ in an environment that allows them to become the best version of themselves, developing a sense of self-worth by making positive contributions to the school community and beyond. At Oasis Academy Putney, personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education enables pupils to become responsible, independent and healthy members of a society. Providing them with the tools to understand their social and personal development and allowing them to tackle the moral, social and cultural issues of growing up in a supported and open environment. Pupils are provided with opportunities to appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society and to learn about rights and responsibilities



Here, at Oasis Academy Putney, we value PSHE as one way to support pupil’s development as human beings, to enable them to understand and respect who they are, to empower them with a voice and to equip them for life and learning. By providing a PSHE curriculum which promotes acquiring skills and knowledge, we will enable our children to access the broader curriculum and to prepare to become global citizens in an ever-changing world.

At Oasis Academy Putney, we teach Personal, Social, Health Education as a whole-school approach to underpin children’s development as people and because we believe that this also supports their learning capacity.

The Jigsaw Programme offers us a comprehensive, carefully thought-through Scheme of Work which brings consistency and progression to our children’s learning in this vital curriculum area.

This also supports the “Personal Development” and “Behaviour and Attitude” aspects required under the Ofsted Inspection Framework, as well as significantly contributing to the school’s Safeguarding and Equality Duties, the Government’s British Values agenda and the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) development opportunities provided for our children.

This will be fulfilled through assemblies and class-based teaching, running The Jigsaw Programme alongside the Oasis 9 Habits and our four common based learning power




Jigsaw PSHE is a comprehensive and completely original Scheme of Work (lesson plans) for the whole primary school. The Jigsaw teaching materials integrate Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE), emotional literacy, social skills, mindfulness, and spiritual development in a whole-school approach. The expectations of the DfE Relationships and Health Education guidance are woven throughout Jigsaw but specifically covered in the Relationships and Healthy Me Puzzles (units), with puberty and human reproduction being taught in the Changing Me Puzzle.

The Jigsaw PSHE lessons aim to give children their entitlement to information about relationships, puberty and human reproduction, appropriate to their ages and stages of development. This work is treated in a matter-of-fact and sensitive manner and helps children to cope with change, including puberty, and to learn about healthy relationships. There are six Puzzles (units), sequenced across the year.  The table below gives the learning theme of each of the six Puzzles (units) and these are taught across the school; the learning deepens and broadens every year.  

At Oasis Academy Putney we allocate 1 hour to PSHE each week in order to teach the PSHE knowledge and skills in a developmental and age-appropriate way.

These explicit lessons are reinforced and enhanced in many ways such as assemblies, visitors and trips, our praise and reward system, the Learning Charter, through relationships and class teacher led lessons across the school.

We aim to ‘live’ what is learnt and apply it to everyday situations in the school community.


  • Pupils will show an understanding and demonstrate the British Values of Democracy, Mutual respect, Rule of Law, Liberty and Tolerance.
  • Pupils will have a positive and healthy attitude towards learning and school.
  • Pupils will demonstrate good behaviour and attendance will be in-line with the national average.
  • Pupils will strive to be the best version of themselves across the curriculum.
  • Pupils will become caring, responsible, respectful and healthy members of the community.
  •  Pupils will be on their journey to preparing for life in the wider world.

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