Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer our children a wide variety of extra curricular activities to get involved with so that they can all gain new experiences, develop new passions and talents and hone in on those skills they hold most dear.  

Please click on the links below for information regarding registration. All clubs must be booked and paid for directly through the provider and clubs will be working on a first come, first served basis. 

Please note that clubs do not run during half term and that due to Covid-19, the full selection of clubs are not being offered, but please see below for a taste of what extracurriculars usually are offered at the school. 


"A course of 11 hours to introduce Architecture and Design to children as part of our daily life, and give them the opportunity to understand the basics of Architecture and Design in a fun, active way of learning. Children will get the chance to experience different perspectives to their surrounding and become more aware of their environment. They will have the opportunity to bring out their creativity and imagination through decision making and problem solving, as both these things are very relevant to daily life."

Open to all year groups

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Arts and Crafts

Open to Reception and Year 1


Ballet Years 1,2 & 3 - 4:15pm to 5pm on Wednesdays

There is no need to collect your child and return them to school for 4:15pm.  A member of staff will look after them until their session begins

Please contact to register


Ultimate Cheer 

Open to Reception to Year 3 students

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Provided through Thames Chinese Club

How to book:
Please email us ( with the following details: 1. Parent’s name 2. Contact number 3. Email address 4. Student name and DOB


French To register for this club please contact Chantal Triviaux.


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Please send your registration form to

Little Voices

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Muay Thai

Please send your registration form to


"Aural and rhythmic training are an essential part of the musical development required for anyone wishing to play an instrument to a good level. Ears4music concentrates on understanding rhythm, pitch and music notation in conjunction with the Kodaly Method."

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Spring Term Timetable

Don't forget about Holiplay kids club!

Late Collection

Please inform the club directly if you are running late, or if there is a change to the person collecting your child.  The school is not responsible for passing on messages.