Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Statement of Intent


Our Curriculum has been designed to ensure each and every child can 'live life in all its fullness' by offering stimulating and awe-inspiring learning experiences with our 9 Habits at its heart.

It is bespoke to the needs of the pupils at Oasis Academy Putney, not only by focussing on appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, but by modelling the 9 Habits by developing individual and collaborative learning experiences, a positive growth mind set, a sense of responsibility and challenges that take them beyond the classroom.

We are a growing, inclusive school with a constantly evolving curriculum which responds to the needs of learners and their interests by enhancing learning experiences and raising awareness from the local area to national and global arenas. Thus, we will develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding of the wider world and its complex cultures. The curriculum celebrates the diversity and utilises the skills, knowledge and cultural wealth of the community while supporting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, ensuring that children are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Ultimately our curriculum is intended to:

  • Develop our head and body: What we learn
  • Develop our hearts and character: Who we are
  • Develop our actions and attitudes: How we live and learn
  • Develop our moral compass: Where we fit in the world.



The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our school. A cross-curricular approach has been implemented at the school to ensure coverage and progression in a number of foundation curriculum areas. Topics are launched by rich and stimulating Literacy texts which are used as a ‘hook’ to engage pupils. This approach enables project based learning, fostering each child’s curiosity and interest throughout each topic and also enabling the achievement of depth in the progression of knowledge and skills. 

The curriculum provides pupils with memorable experiences, in addition to diverse and rich opportunities from which pupils can learn and develop a range of transferable skills.  

The local community is considered an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils. Wherever possible we make curriculum links to the local area and local people.  We make regular use of The Common for a variety of Outdoor Learning experiences.  We connect with our local foodbank, church, museums and art galleries to enhance our curriculum. We also make full use of the skills of a wide range of professionals; throughout their time at the school, pupils will work with specialist coaches as they learn swimming and music. 

An extensive timetable for extra-curricular activities is offered by the school, with clubs that support the core curriculum offer, as well as those which develop specialist skills, such as judo and architecture, whilst also extending the range of pupil’s experiences. A primary focus of our curriculum is to raise aspirations, engender a sense of personal pride in achievement, and provide a purpose and relevance for learning.

The school takes pride in providing a highly inclusive environment, where learners demonstrate high levels of enjoyment in their education and most make very good progress in most subjects and areas of learning. Pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. Those who are most able are challenged and supported through being offered tasks which provide opportunities for greater depth and those who find learning challenging are encouraged and given targeted support to embed skills, to develop at their own pace or simply to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs.

Subject leaders play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading a regular programme of monitoring, evaluation and review and the celebration of good practice contributes to the ongoing commitment to evolve and improve further. All subject leaders are given training and the opportunity to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding, so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the Academy.


The innovative practice across the school provides a strong foundation and opportunities for children to collaborate and develop social skills both indoors and out. This curriculum design ensures that the needs of individual and small groups of pupils can be met within the environment of high quality first wave teaching, supported by targeted, proven interventions where appropriate. In this way it can be seen to impact in a very positive way on pupil’s outcomes.

Enjoyment of the curriculum promotes achievement, confidence and excellent behaviour. Pupils feel safe to try new things and are passionate about their learning. High quality visits and visitors to the school enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for writing for a purpose.

Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through school-based exhibitions, performances and competitions.  Developing their independence and motivation as life-long learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens is at the heart of all our teaching and learning.

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